About Us...

Edward Johnson came to USA in 1988 to pursue a degree in theology to fulfill his parent’s dream. After graduating with a Bachelor of Theology degree, shortly, Edward had a vision for Church planting but disregarded God’s call. He graduated with a degree in Information Science and started working in the secular arena. Having worked in various capacity and owning businesses, nothing satisfied him. When God interrupted his life to attend Rhema Bible College in 2012, he obeyed and made plans to do so. Right after this decision, He met with three major life threatening accidents that only helped solidify his passion to pursue God. During the last accident in 2012, he had an encounter with God, who helped him realize his purpose...to carry the message of the cross to the people of India.

Edward is the founder of Reach India International, a GA based non-profit organization. Accelerating the vision that God gave him 25 years back, he is completely passionate to go all the way for the cause of Christ. To reach the unreached people groups with the love of Christ. 

Twinkle Johnson was born and brought up in a Pastors home in Chennai, India. After graduating with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science Engineering, she married Edward in 1998 and moved to USA. She has over 15+ years of IT experience and currently works as a Sr. Software Architect for a major financial company. Twinkle is also a 2014 graduate of Rhema Bible Training College. She has served in the board of the Aglow International, Columbus GA Chapter for many years. Having experienced the healing power of God in her life, she boldly testifies how God set her free from a major Speech Impediments. She has a passion to teach God’s word and encourage people to take their rightful place in God!

Twinkle is also the co-founder of Reach India International and fully supports her husband in taking the message of Jesus Christ to the people of India. They have two beautiful daughters, Brittney & Ashney Johnson, 13 and 10 years old respectively.